Epoch 2023

EPOCH Events

Face Off | Face Painting

Dumb Struck - MIME

Spin with Chaplin | Comedy Dance

Step - Up | Spot Dance

Two for a Tango | Duo Dance

Paper Glider

Lights On! Camera! Rolling! Action! | Short Film

Mehandi Ki Lali | Mehandi Fest

Reverse Parking

Laugh 'o Mania | Stand up comedy

The Inquest | Tressure Hunt

What a click-up | Spot photography

Voice of EPOCH

QuiRiouZ' | Quiz Contest

Unpluged | Cover Song

Fiesta de Bailo


EPOCH is the Techno – Cultural festival of ACE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING which marks an eruption of cultural flair and creative exuberance that is the hallmark of our diversity, thus defining the purpose it seeks to fulfill. Now it’s time for a new phase.

This will be a culmination of everything and is the fest of our dreams. This year EPOCH, is one which is going to stood out of the box. We celebrate the ones who’ve been seldom given the spotlight, who’ve hardly gotten the attention and praise they deserve. Its the celebration of the misfits, the standalones, the lights , the monasteries and the beautiful messes.

“The Stage is about to Set, the lights are about to On, The music is about to begin, The taps will resonate and your heart will stop..prepare to indulge in the experience of a life time..”
EPOCH 2023



This edition of Epoch was the one with a new phase. EPOCH'22 was an awesome combination of teamwork and talent featuring Sachin Warrier, Aalmaram Music Band and the vibrant Siana Catherine for Sunburn Campus.



'Exceptional' is what exactly that describe Epoch'20. The whole space created the perfect ambience for the special event. Unni Mukundhan inagurated the event & Aattam Kalasamathi with Chemmeen band setting up a whole trance vibe in the campus with their enthralling compositions in day one. Epoch'20 ends its biggest chapter by the double pro night of Gowri Lakshmi featuring Siddharth Menon.



This edition of Epoch was the benchmark. An edition, which would make even the founders of Epoch proud. An awesome combination of teamwork and talent was on display duriing Epoch'19. Right from the Chief Guest, Mr Thasveer Muhammed to the Pro-Show artist the musical youth icon, Vineeth Sreenivasan,all the boxes were ticked during this edition of Epoch. All students certainly cherished those moments and Epoch'19 thus laid down a successful passage to future Epoch editions.



This edition of EPOCH brought forward the best talents of Kerala on one stage. EPOCH 17 became another successful chapter in our history. With Avial band at the helm during the Pro-Nite, we became stage to one of the most successful band in the history of Kerala.


The beginning

EPOCH'16 pulled off in October 16 and it was indeed "THE BEGINNING" and the foundation stone of perhaps the biggest positive change in the history of ACE. With Stephen Devassy as the Pro-Show artist, Epoch'16 ended with lots and lots of good memories and something which prompted the future students to make Epoch the bechmark.